Recognizing False Teachers 

One cannot avoid falling from deceit. Some would say that people who are deceived are ignorant, naive, and trusting. And most would condone the person who deceives others. The Bible has always warned false prophets who will spread lies and false doctrines that will cause apostasy. These liars are disciples of the devil and would lead Christians to the end of times. These false teachers are good liars that anyone can be vulnerable to these false teachings they speak of. This will in turn, create the network of deceptions that will push Christians to fall from grace. 

However, in one verse in the Bible states, that if a person has not been faithful to God’s teachings, he or she must seek forgiveness as God is forgiving and will cleanse us from our unrighteousness. It can be hard to identify false teachings and not believe them, considering that the person behind these false teachings are convincing and appear credible. For that reason, then we must recognize these false teachers or false prophets to put a stop to the network of deception. By identifying these false prophets, they will lose credibility and diminish the faith of Christians towards their false teachings. Recognizing false teachers can be hard but not impossible. There are plenty of characteristics you may observe from false prophets that contrast traits of true prophets of the Lord. 

False Teachers Disguises Themselves

Unlike true prophets, false teachers disguise themselves like the devil. False teachers are wolves in sheep skin. These false teachers disguise their false teachings and beliefs with convincing pretenses and flattering words. In short, they have a way for words. These teachings would sound Godly and right but are dangerous. Their words poison the faith of Christian making them want to involve more in their teachings than the Lord’s word. False teachers would appear to their followers as the picture of perfection. When in fact, there is no one more perfect than God. We, people, are designed to make mistakes. True teachers of the Lord will never be perfect. Instead, they will work their way to become more and more like Christ. 

False Teachers People-Pleasers

False teachers are typically people-pleasers. They teach doctrines that their followers would want to hear. However, true prophets of the Lord would impart to Christians nothing but the hard truth and with accordance to what is inscribed in the Bible. What they preach may not be based from the Scriptures but rather the things they believe. These false teachers do not preach with fear and reverence instead they speak their teachings with repartee. False teachers would speak that they know what is good for anyone. However, true prophets would not proclaim that they know what is right. They would rather spread the word of the Lord and base what is right from the scriptures. True prophets would be a disciple to Christ and would serve Him to provide good will to His children. 

False Teachers Preach to Gain

Disciples of the Lord would not want nothing in return from their preaches. They only have one goal in mind and that is to bring strayed Christians and non-believers towards Christ. True teachers would want to spread faith and be a worker of the Lord. In contrast, false prophets would spread lies and witty teachings to gain profit. According to the Apostle Paul, false teachers serve their own appetites. They teach to gain fame and fortune that are their only motives. These false prophets do not preach to bring good to your heart but to get good from you. They have no one in mind but themselves. They do not consider their deceived believers and God. Some false teachers may create merchandise for their followers to buy. From this, they earn money to enjoy luxurious things. True teachers of God are not motivated by motive and profit. 

False Teachers Imparts a Different Message

False teachers are great speakers. They would preach doctrines that are plausible that one could not easily determine whether it is in line with what the Scriptures say. They create their vision. They would embark on their own vision and not God’s plan. True prophets are sent to the world to speak for the Lord which is contrasting to what false teachers are preaching. This vision deludes the minds of believers and leads them to apostasy. False teachers tend to cast dirt on people which can be unbecoming. True prophets do not condone people but rather their actions. True prophets aim to make people see their mistakes and seek to dispense from it. In addition, false teachers tend to create arguments. They would question what was written on the Scriptures and Bible. They want to gain the opinion of the people. The different message a false teacher imparts to his followers would lead them to their ends. An end that is their destruction. 

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