How to Avoid Apostasy

We are almost in the end-times apostasy. There is an alarming rate of people who turned their backs on Christianity and the church. More and more Christians are falling away from the graces of the Lord. Apostasy does not only mean you are turning away from Christianity but also from God, His word, the truth, and so much more. The Scriptures and even the Apostles of the Lord have been warning us ever since of the manifestation of apostasy. We have been warned of the great falling away of people and now we are almost at the peak of this. Numerous cults are being formed to this day and many people are turning themselves to follow these groups. An unholy lifestyle can cause apostasy. A deeply-rooted hate on anything spiritual-related can also cause apostasy. Another reason that causes apostasy is the refusal to live by the word of the Lord. These are only a few among the many factors that cause apostasy. When you fall into apostasy, countless things are lost including our salvation.

Dr. Ronald T. Tyler’s The Spiritual Discernment Guide is a book that tackles the threat of spiritual death and apostasy that have become prevalent. This provides readers inquiry regarding the seeds of apostasy. He shares a practical guide on spiritual discernment that may aid people to turn away from apostasy. This book is an eye-opening analysis that reveals shocking facts on the great falling away as predicted by Jesus. He points out in his legacy that there is still a remedy from this deadly apostasy. There are countless ways to avoid apostasy.

Embrace God’s Doctrines

The first method to not fall into apostasy is to embrace God’s doctrines. We cannot avoid having doubts every now and then. Doubt to our teachers. Doubt towards their teachings. Doubt towards our faith. Apostles of the Christ have always projected that a rise of the devil’s disciples will come and cast these doubts to the minds of God’s followers. For that reason, we must welcome God’s doctrine in our lives. God’s doctrine is the foundation of faith that will lead us away from becoming an apostate. God designed us to be thinkers. The Bible has God’s doctrine to help people think. Think on what is right, wrong, and true. God’s doctrine is there to help us, His children, make sense of what life is. God’s doctrine does not force us to do things but rather to provide explanation. Thus, embrace God’s doctrine and be rid of false doctrines and false teachers.

Continue Spiritual Faithfulness

Apostasy is defined as the turning away from faith. One way to impede apostasy is to strengthen our spiritual faithfulness towards Christ. When we are born, we are blessed to be given and become part of a religion. A religion that can bring us closer to God. At such a young age, we became faithful followers of the Lord. If we are to remain a faithful follower then one will hardly stray away from our faith. But as we grow older, we are exposed to apprehensions and lies. We become vulnerable. And with this vulnerability, some people would take advantage of these. Cults rise up and reject Biblical truths. Instead, they create their own truths. They create their own God and the false teacher’s likeness. We have to reject these groups and remain our spiritual faithfulness.

Seek Godly Counsel

When one has deep-rooted anger and resentment, it is wise to seek Godly counsel. Anger and resentment causes apostasy. We sometimes put blame on our faith. We have battles inside of us that we cannot win on our own. We need someone to help us make a decision. Similar to apostasy, one person cannot stop apostasy. There is a need for many people to preach and bring people back to faith from apostasy. Seek counsel from true prophets regarding biblical apostasy. These are disciples of God that will help you heal and cleanse your soul from those uncertainties. Ask their help to bring you back to God and understand His ways more. The more you understand God and His plans, you will be equipped with knowledge and stronger faith that will prevent you from falling from His grace.

Repent from Sin

Repent from sin to back away from apostasy. The lack of remorse from the person who committed sin can lead to apostasy. A person who committed sin and would not admit it would rather move away from faith and the truth in order to justify his or her sinful actions. That person would criticize teachings of the Church just to silence his conscience. This would cause a drift between the Church and that person. Fault finding will result for the person to stray from His faith. However, if we acknowledge our sin and ask forgiveness for committing this, we will learn that God truly is forgiving and would want nothing but a fruitful life for us.

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