Essential Principles of Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual discernment is a process in which every decision a person makes is in accordance to God’s will. Spiritual discernment can lead a person to make the best decisions in life. In the scriptures, discernment means the ability to discriminate judgment, distinguish and recognize implications. This is an ability that can help assess the moral and spiritual status of mankind. Spiritual discernment is the learning on how to think similarly to God’s thoughts. A person who has spiritually discerned will have a sense of seeing how things look in God’s eyes. That person will see things as bare and uncovered as they can be.

The Spiritual Discernment Guide is an exposé of the false doctrines by Satan that causes the falling away of mankind from Christianity. Spiritual discernment will serve as protection for mankind from being deceived by the network of lies Satan has placed. This guide presents techniques in recognizing the false teachings and deceptions. The book presents New Age-type activities by Dr. Ronald T. Tyler to guide mankind to spiritual discernment. In the book, he expressed how we should achieve spiritual discernment for mankind not to fall into apostasy. Dr. Tyler has identified principles of spiritual discernment. Some principles may have or have not been identified in the book. Thus, some of the principles are explained to further your understanding of spiritual discernment.

Fruits of the Spirit

There are nine fruits of the Spirit that one must come in contact with to obtain the spiritual discernment. According to the Apostle Paul, the “fruit” will help mankind to comprehend the product of the Holy Spirit, who lives inside all believers. A person must look for these fruits especially the first three fruits of spirits: love, joy, and peace. For a person to judge well, he or she must characterize at least the first three fruits. If one is angry, loveless, unhappy, anxious, or worried, then there is no assurance that a person can truly discern well in accordance to God’s will. If a person comprises all the characteristics of the fruit, then Christ will be manifested in his life and spiritual discernment follows.

God’s Word

Another principle that will help mankind to achieve spiritual discernment is to conform to God’s Word. This includes Doctrines and Scriptures. For a person to discern, his mind and insight must be parallel to the revelations of God’s Word, Doctrine, and Scriptures. God’s Words will protect His people from being blown away of the false teachings of false prophets. God’s Words will help mankind to discern what is true, right, and good. This not only teaches mankind what is true but also sanctifies them in the truth. We must conform to God’s Words since this is what’s true and right. Understanding God’s Word will trump all the false teachings.

State of Life

There are plenty of various states of life. In religion, the state of life can be defined by the person’s status, occupation, and calling. A person may be single, married, old, young, or healthy. It is hard to identify each state of life mankind has currently. No matter what state of life a person is in will play a huge role in spiritual discernment.

God’s Gifts

When we are brought to the world, God has gifted us with virtues, talents, and abilities. Each one of us has a different combination of gifts. One person cannot have all the gifts. Some are equipped with some things and not others. God’s gifts will be useful to achieving spiritual discernment. In spiritual discernment, a person can carefully and thoroughly ponder on a good course of action based on the virtues, talents, and skills gifted by God. God wanted for His people to make use of these gifts to their highest potential.


The last principle for spiritual discernment is prayer. Prayer is a way of obtaining spiritual discernment. People pray for numerous reasons. Some may pray for thanksgiving. Some may pray for repentance. Some may pray for a petition. And some pray for help. The latter is the most common reason why people pray. Prayer is a way for people to seek God’s help with regards to anything that causes a person distress. The church considers prayer as a means to talk to God. With prayer, a person can spiritually discern things and trump over the false teachings that will lead that person to turn his back on God.

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