The Spiritual Discernment

Book Summary

Written in a clear, readable, and engaging writing style, The Spiritual Discernment Guide is a detailed exposé of many false teachings and of Satan’s strategies and techniques of deception—and how to recognize them. The book is a highly useful and practical explanation of the criteria and principles of spiritual discernment and of the skills needed to actually practice it, including an understanding of logical fallacies and semantic manipulations.

The Spiritual Discernment Guide offers a full explanation of the differences between creationism and evolution and how theistic evolution contradicts the Bible. It provides readers with a thorough exposition of the New Age invasion and how it undermines the Christian faith. This includes enlightening discussions of secular psychology, false charismatic and anti-charismatic teachings, humanism, eastern religions, occultism, and Satanism.


Excerpt 1:

There was an eerie quietness in the isolated compound. Even the jungle birds and other tree dwellers were subdued. By all appearances, it was a typical October day in equatorial South America—hot, humid, listless. Nearly a thousand searching, deluded souls had gathered, crowding the vegetable gardens and central pavilion. All felt a nervous excitement—and kept a taut control. Mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, and single adults stood obediently in line—as they had been trained to do. Each was given a Styrofoam cup half-filled with strawberry Kool-Aid and laced with cyanide. On this bright, sunny afternoon in 1978, surrounded by lush tropical beauty, nine hundred and fourteen “Christian” followers of Jim Jones committed suicide in Guyana. According to Walter Martin, who is perhaps the foremost authority on cults and spiritual deception in our time, the Jonestown massacre was a tragedy of cultic deception and murder . . . traced unerringly to the New Age doctrines of man’s divinity and the relativistic world view of the New Age Cult.”

Excerpt 2:

This section of Ross’s book also contains a beautiful example of false analogy [used to support theistic or “creative” evolution]. Referring to God’s creation, Ross speaks of it in glowing, poetic terms as a long, drawn out, awe-inspiring process: Observe any skilled sculptor, painter, or poet, a craftsman of any kind. Observe the painstaking yet joyful labor poured into each object of his design. Examine the creation on any scale, from a massive galaxy to the interior of an atom, from a whale to an amoeba. The splendor of each item, its beauty of form as well as of function, speaks not of instantaneous mass production, rather of time and attention to detail, of infinite care and delight. Such delight is expressed throughout Genesis 1 in the oft-repeated statement, “And God saw that it was good.”

Here, Ross is equating God to a human artist or craftsman, his point apparently being that, because careful creation by human beings takes a long time, therefore, the creation by God on an immensely grander scale must have taken a correspondingly longer time. The obvious fallacy here is that God is not a man, and therefore the way God creates is not the same as the way a man creates, and the amount of time required for human creation in no way determines or corresponds to the time required for divine creation. In fact, to imply such a thing seems to me at least mildly blasphemous, for it places human restrictions on God’s creativity and says that He is limited in this regard in the same way man is!

But God is not limited by time or human restrictions. He operates in eternity—outside of time! And He is not restricted by anything—He is omnipotent! And how long it might take God to do something is a concept which does not apply because He exists not in time but in eternity. Neither has it anything to do with the degree of care or delight He takes in His creation. He is beyond all human limitations. He is the almighty Creator of the universe!

Excerpt 3:

Finally, let me give you one more analogy about the undiscerning in the church who are caught in deception and are falling away from the faith. They are like the unsuspecting passengers on the Titanic. They are complacent, self-satisfied, and oblivious to the danger. They are focused on getting blessed and being comfortable.

They are running out of time, drawing ever closer to the unseen iceberg of apostasy. Soon it will be too late, and then they will sink in a catastrophic turmoil of deception and confusion. Can they correct their course? Can they avoid spiritual disaster?

I believe they can, though many, I am grieved to say, will continue on their fatal course and be trapped in the icy waters of spiritual add-ons, substitutes, and counterfeits. The alarm is being sounded and those who take heed and see the danger will not be destroyed in this way by Satan’s New Age strategies. I pray that it may be so for you.

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